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In the event that anyone (besides me) is interested in an all-in-one-place listing for my fics and vids, here it is. Stories are written from a Gen perspective. None of them are beyond a PG in rating. Stories are also available at AO3

Fics are listed in order of creation:

Birthday (Jack, Sara, Team)
Fic Commentary Meme-Birthday

Coming Home, Sarah Gardner, Daniel, Team, Chimera tag

Fic Commentary Meme-Coming Home

Remembrance Basically Birthday from a different view.

Team's Night Out Humor, Team
Fic Commentary Meme-Team's Night Out

Waiting for Transport Jack, Daniel. Mix of humor and serious.

Z is for Zat'(some'thing) Humor, Team

S is for Steady at the Gate Hammond, the homefront of 1969

Choices, AU. Jack (and others) are faced with difficult choices.

G is for Gratitude. Jack, Sara

The First Ten Years. On the eve of Sam's departure for Atlantis.

E is for Extol (Ode to SG-1). A bit of a whimsical interlude.

Intersecting Leaps. An SG-1/Quantum Leap crossover. Sam Becket leaps into SG-1's leap back to 1969.

Saturday at 10:00. Sam, Cassie, and their Saturday chess tradition.

To Everything a Season. An a/u of Forever in a Day in real time.

One Chapter Closes When it's time for the final goodbye to her dog, Jack is there for Cassie.



Stargate SG-1:

It's Just That Kind of Day (YouTube), DivShare version

I'm Going to Go Back There Someday (YouTube), divShare version

Dream on (YouTube), divShare version

The Fellowship of SG-1 (YouTube), on divShare

A Family of Jaffa

Sha're's Elegy. Downloadable here (AVI file). Or as an MP4 file is here.

Dark Night of the Soul Downloadable as an AVI file (pretty huge) or as an mp4 file (less huge).

All Stargate vid files together in one folder here.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

By Way of Sorrow: YouTube
Downloadable as an AVI or as an mp4. As so often seems to be the case with my stuff, the files are quite large.


Deep Space Nine:

Put Me in Coach
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