Feb. 4th, 2013

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1. I'm resurrecting a fic that I started couple or so years ago and never got finished. It is a lengthy tale. For the most part, I actually quite like what I've written. I think I'm remembering why I drifted away from finishing it. The last section is not easy to write. I know what I want to happen, and even have sentences composed in my head, but it's hard to do without it sliding into the ridiculous. I'm determined to soldier on, though, and if that section winds up being preposterous, so be it. It is kinda fun to be working on something like this again.

2. I watched Downton Abbey for the first time last night. Nothing like jumping into the middle of a series and making edumacated guesses on what's happened before based on what's happening now. I'm regarding it as an adventure. I assumed that I would like it, based on the people I know who like the show. I just never got around to watching it. I liked it very much indeed. I got a tip that the first two seasons are available from the local library. I guess I'll be locating my library card and making a trip to that fine institution soon.

3. I have daffodil shoots sprouting up to about two inches in my flower bed. I keep telling them that they'll be sorry, followed by "I told you so" every time it freezes. They're hardy little things though, I'm sure I'll see blooms. Crocuses are starting pop up too. Yay! I love crocuses.

4. Spring training starts in a week. We have faint glimmers of hope for contention in Kansas City this year. Not playoffs necessarily, but at least contention. It's an unaccustomed feeling to have optimism for the season and actual reason to feel those stirrings of optimism. Fingers crossed that the light at the end of tunnel won't turn out to be a train coming from the other direction.


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