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Title: Coming Home
Author: Suzannemarie
Season: Seven (Chimera through Resurrection)
Category: Gen, Episode tag (Chimera)
Characters: Sarah Gardner, all the usual suspects
Summary: Sarah Gardner struggles to make sense of her life and find her place in the aftermath of her Goa’uld possession.
Length: 32,249
Warnings: none
Actiony-lite, talky-heavy

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and all of it’s characters, etc. are owned by people who are not me. People like MGM, SciFi, etc., etc. This story is just for fun. An homage if you will.

Other notes and explanations:

Many thanks to [ profile] aurora_novarum for her excellent beta work. Any errors of canon, grammar, or stupidity are mine and mine alone. Anything you don’t like is probably a result of advice ignored.

1. One of my inspirations will be clear from my framing quote in the beginning. Another inspiration is people I’ve known who have served either in the Peace Corps or as missionaries and have felt out of place in their own country afterward.
2. Virtual cookies to anyone who A) recognizes the Buffy quote that I’ve always liked and used in a later part of the story, and B) anyone who makes it to the end.
3. Isn’t it amazing the way another part of the galaxy is in almost the exact same time zone as the SGC?
4. I have no idea what the rodeo story is (near the end). I leave it to you to create your own theories. What? Do I have to do all the work?
5. Anubis = Voldemort. That doesn’t really have anything to do with this story. It just occurred to me while I was writing it. Perhaps it will be a factor on another day.

A dvd-style commentary is here.



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