Apr. 25th, 2008 03:03 pm
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I'm discovering what other ficcers already know. Now that I'm participating in a ficathon for the first time, I'm discovering it's a much different feeling to write knowing that there's a deadline coming up. I'm flashing back to those times in college when I wrote all those papers a day before the due date: "oh, this won't take very long, probably two or three hours. I know exactly what I want to say." Six hours later, I'd finally be at the typing (yes, typing, this was back before everyone had a computer dontcha know) it up stage.

Suddenly eight weeks doesn't seem as long as it once did. The scary part of it all is that I'm back in the old college "I pretty much know exactly what I want to say" thing. (Well, except for getting the story to the spots where I know exactly what I want to say.) And much like in those college years, it takes a little longer to come out than I expect. It'll get there. I'm pretty sure.

Meanwhile I notice that one person over at the friendathon has finished one story and picked up a prompt for a second. Showoff! *g*
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Here's another opportunity for my friends to laugh at me. *waves to [ profile] jungleeyedgirl* So, I'm new to the fanfic scene, but I've lately started to embrace it with the zeal of the newly converted. I don't read tons of though. I generally rely on the recommendations of trusted others. For one of the fics that I'm planning, I'm considering the idea of writing it in the first person. I don't think I've seen that done in the fanfic world, which means that it's poll time for me. Feel free to talk back to me in the comments about your answers, or what your answers would have been if they had been listed as an option. Or to mock. That's okay too.

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