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Some years ago, I ventured onto the internet and into a Buffy community. It changed my life. I did things and made friends that I never would have without that Buffy-centered place.

I also swore that I would never be more than fandom-adjacent. It's not that I have any regrets about my first fandom involvement--it was overwhelmingly positive. But I also discovered that fandom can slowly kill yourmy joy in a show if care isn't taken.

So I stayed in my living room and watched tv and enjoyed it privately. But then I sort ventured into the SG-1 world, kind of by accident. And started interacting with some really cool people. Then I threw out a fanfic idea, just for people "who do that sort of thing." Then I wound up taking that idea and running with it. Then I started writing more fics.

And then I thought "hey, that vidding thing really does look fun. I wonder if I could do that?" And, well, It's Just That Kind of Day.

It's far from perfect and part of it came out darker on the upload than it is in the original. But for a first try, I don't think it's too awful.

I have a rule that I try not to have ideas--because people just expect you to do something about it when you have ideas. I should probably just stop making general resolutions too. They don't seem to really amount to much in the long run.



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