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Way back in, June I think it was, with Dad already well ensconced at his care facility, my mom made the move from the house to a duplex (fully independent living) at the same place where my dad is. (Sorry, I know that sentence is horribly convoluted.)

In the process of figuring out what to keep and what to put into the estate sale, Mom decided to keep their wedding china and give up the china set that came from her parents. She asked me if I wanted it. While I didn't really need it--I have a neat set that I got from an aunt--I couldn't quite bear the thought of the set going into the sale. Too many memories are tied to those plates, cups, serving bowls, and whatnot. It's not a fancy-schmancy set, but I think it's very nice. So, since mid-June two big boxes have been sitting in the corner of my dining room. Today, with a day remaining in 2012, I've finally gotten around to unpacking and finding nooks and crannies to house it all. The boxes are stored away in the basement and the dining area looks a lot neater again. (Maybe someday I'll even get around to cleaning up the disaster areas that are the living room and bathrooms.)

I feel like I should host a Bronzer gathering or something just to get some use out of the dishes.

(Cross posted at DW, LJ, and Facebook. Apologies to any who are seeing this post in triplicate.)
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