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And because I'm curious what others think. Feel free to point others here if you think they'd be interested.

[Poll #1363054]
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It's come to my attention that there's a grave oversight in my earlier poll. I neglected to include cookies as a possible dessert. I am deeply ashamed. To make up for my neglect, I offer a follow-up cookie-specific poll.

[Poll #1339263]
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I like food. I like pointless polls. I like combining the two. So voila!

[Poll #1339146]
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Yesterday, one of our editors launched a new book into production: a history and sort of behind the scenes book about Singin' in the Rain. (It's a very different book for us. It also looks like a lot of fun.) I was one of a few at the meeting who had never seen the movie. What does all of that mean? Why an opportunity for me to create a poll, of course!

[Poll #1233599]
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I haven't done one in awhile, so just for fun, a poll for Monday. Inspired by memories of a favorite English teacher and her polite but emphatic diatribe against the word "utilize."

[Poll #1186524]

Does anyone happen to know if there's a way to set up a poll so that people can check more than one answer to a question?

ETA: Oops. I just noticed I misspelled seeded. Irony can be kind of ironic sometimes.
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Here's another opportunity for my friends to laugh at me. *waves to [ profile] jungleeyedgirl* So, I'm new to the fanfic scene, but I've lately started to embrace it with the zeal of the newly converted. I don't read tons of though. I generally rely on the recommendations of trusted others. For one of the fics that I'm planning, I'm considering the idea of writing it in the first person. I don't think I've seen that done in the fanfic world, which means that it's poll time for me. Feel free to talk back to me in the comments about your answers, or what your answers would have been if they had been listed as an option. Or to mock. That's okay too.

[Poll #1109687]
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So lately I've been casting my eye in the direction of Ipods. I've actually spent a little time looking longingly at the Ipod Classics. However, that's more than can justify spending a toy at this point in time. So instead I've been looking at the more realistically (for me) priced shuffles.

As usual when I have questions, I fling them out to the world wide web for comment and guidance. Anyone want to share their Shuffle thoughts--good, bad, or indifferent?

[Poll #1084670]

Good grief, it's always something with my poll creation! Now that I've posted this, I see that option number four in question two goes better with question one. Or perhaps was better left out altogether. Oh well...
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I thought I'd venture into truly controversial territory today. ;)

Expand on your poll choices as you wish in the comments section.

[Poll #1081103]
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On this chilly, rainy Monday morning, I bring another poll.

[Poll #1075512]
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I've probably done a similar polly thing before--either here or at other forums--but the subject interests me so here it is again.

[Poll #1073483]

Please feel free to expand on the topic of dreams, lucid dreaming, or things related to sleep and dreaming in general in the comments. Any lucid dreamers out there care to share how they accomplished it?

ETA: Crap! I always forget something in the poll answers. I meant to have some sort of "tried but not accomplished" type answer for the lucid dreaming section. Uh, I guess "other" can cover a multitude of things.
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I meant to include questions along this line in my last poll, but I forgot. I'm in a vacation prep state of mind, and, recalling a brief exchange that I had in a friend's LJ, I was inspired to see how others might answer a poll on this topic.

I meant to include "other" as a final choice in the second question but forgot. So if you have an "other" you can tell me about in the comments.

[Poll #1054164]
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This poll is inspired by the people who have asked me recently if I've "packed yet." I'm leaving on Thursday for Hawaii. It seems that whenever I go on a biggish trip, people start asking up to week before hand if I'm packed. Sometimes this makes me wonder if I'm doing it wrong. Because I always pack the night before. It takes me about fifteen minutes. And it always seems to be a trauma free experience. (I do usually feel like I'm forgetting something--I don't think I ever actually have--but I also usually figure that almost anything I've forgotten can be bought along the way. That's what Mr. Visa is for.) So now I'm wondering, how do others prepare to leave town?

[Poll #1052999]
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Well, two of you asked for it.

As near as I can remember, this is the gist of the poll that I was devising in my dream last night. It think the genesis is that at college time I had a choice between a small college of 1500-2000 and a large university close to home. I chose the large university. A large part of the reason was that the small college was just a little smaller than my high school and I didn't think I wanted something that small. While I don't regret that choice, I do from time to time wonder about the road not taken. Hence this poll. Feel free to offer any additions or explanations you care to in the comments.

[Poll #1010503]
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I'm not sure what inspired this. I don't really watch Heroes or anything. But in a moment of boredom this topic came to me. Take the poll if it interests you, then if you feel like it, tell me about the "whys" or "why nots" of your choices.

[Poll #978012]


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